MultiModal CoT – Paper of the Day

The following is about the paper that most appealed to me today: Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Language Models This is a very interesting paper claiming super human performance on a specific task with a relatively small language model. Of course this must always be couched with the warning that the language model is small […]

Deep Kronecker Neural Network – Paper of the Day

Everyday I at least try to read through a new paper in the field of machine learning. Today I read through a paper that can be found at the following: Deep Kronecker neural networks: A general framework for neural networks with adaptive activation functions – ScienceDirect This is an interesting idea that I would say […]

Automated Machine Learning From Scratch #1

Automated machine learning is a tool for creating a suite that automates the task of applying machine learning to problems. I have decided to create my own automated learning system and to begin this journey I have started working on feature engineering. In this Kaggle notebook I went through creating generic functions to handle the […]

Adaptive Boosting From Scratch

In order to better understand the process involved in adaptive boosting I made a simple boosting model myself recently. Which can be found here. Now I’d like to go through what is boosting and what it can do for us. Adaptive Boosting uses many decision trees with a depth of one to split the data: […]

Classifying Raisin Grains

Recently I came across a dataset and paper that was rather fascinating: CINAR I., KOKLU M. and TASDEMIR S., (2020). “Classification of Raisin Grains Using Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence Methods”, Gazi Journal of Engineering Sciences, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 200-209, December 2020, DOI: Researcher had taken photos of raisins in a dark […]